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Looking to explore hidden secrets in caverns around the world? If you like searching for adventure in the wildest of places then you'll need your PADI Cavern Diver certification!

PADI Cavern Diver Course with Dive The World Malaysia - photo courtesy of Jorgen Kam

Caverns exist in many destinations where scuba divers visit – often in deep water walls and limestone coasts. Here you'll find large, dark spaces that seem incredibly inviting, but yet are potentially hazardous too. Scuba diving in Malaysia at Sipadan Island is ideal for this programme with its famous Turtle Cavern.

Cavern diving is defined as any dive conducted within the light zone of a cave. The light zone is the area near the entrance of the cave where you can see natural light at all times. The PADI Cavern Diver Specialty course gives you the knowledge and skills to explore these caverns safely, allowing you to enter far enough for fun and adventure but staying within the light zone for an easy exit to safety.

You'll go on 4 dives during the PADI cavern dive programme. During your first dive (which is conducted in open water and not in a cavern), you'll practice the use of lines and reels and emergency procedures. The final 3 dives are conducted in the cavern environment to put your new skills to the test. Your actual penetration-training dives are limited to within the light zone and within 40 metres from the surface (vertical and horizontal distance included).

The programme covers the knowledge and techniques of cavern diving and describes the dangers involved with cave diving (this is not a cave diving course). Topics covered include:

  • The planning, organisation, procedures and problems of cavern dives, including depth and distance limits and air management;
  • Special equipment considerations including: lighting, guidelines, and redundant breathing systems;
  • Proper body position and buoyancy control (anti-silting techniques), and air-consumption management;
  • Information that describes the specific hazards of cavern diving including: silting, line entanglement and breakage, disorientation from permanent lines and emergency situations unique to cavern diving.

Ready for a challenge? To participate in this course, you need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and at least 18 years old. Along with a standard set of scuba equipment, you'll need a primary and a smaller backup dive light, plus a line and reel.

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