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Expand your training and experience to greater depths. PADI's Deep Diver programme offers you the adventure of a lifetime - going deep to see things others only dream about. There's no doubt about it - many of our most memorable dives are deep dives. There's always something exciting and mysterious about diving deeper sites.

PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course with Dive The World Malaysia

Sipadan Island is an ideal place to conduct a Deep Diver Specialty course as it is surrounded by interesting deep walls that are full of life and that demand further exploration. In other parts of the world, a deep site might be an old shipwreck or a submerged plateau where sharks come for an early morning clean. Whatever the spot, to dive confidently to depths of 40m (130 feet), you should take the Deep Diver Specialty course.

The programme includes 4 open water dives, which are conducted over at least 2 days of diving in Malaysia. The minimum depth for the deep dives is between 18 to 30 metres, with no dive exceeding 40 metres. All your dives will be conducted within the no-decompression limits. During your programme, you'll cover the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to dive deep.

Topics covered include:

  • Planning, organisation, procedures, problems and hazards of deep dives (it's always important to know your own personal limits);
  • Buddy contact procedures and buoyancy control;
  • Risk factors and decompression-tables review;
  • Managing your air supply, dealing with nitrogen narcosis and other safety considerations;
  • Safety stops and emergency decompression procedures;
  • Special deep diving equipment and descent lines;
  • Procedures for flying after diving and high-altitude diving;
  • Orientation to recompression chambers.

Deep dive training is important because our margin for error narrows with greater depth. As we go deeper, we use air faster and have shorter dive time limits. The surface is much farther away and takes longer to reach. Conditions at depth are often different and more adverse than they are in shallower water. Dive accidents usually result from a chain of several diver errors. On a deep dive, that chain is very short.

PADI Deep Diver training enables you to experience the excitement that comes with doing something potentially hazardous and challenging, but in a way that responsibly manages the risk. Deep diving will extend your personal limits and accomplishments. You'll learn how to manage the added risk that comes with deep diving, and how to be prepared for emergencies and errors that can happen. You're likely to find it a rewarding challenge that helps you improve as a diver.

To participate in this course, you need to be at least a PADI Adventure Diver and 15 years old. The core Deep Dive conducted during the Adventures in Diving programme may be counted toward this specialty course.

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